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It is not enough to be an environmentally responsible company, you must also produce great products that meet customers needs and provide superior value. For this you need to have a strong team. We are a group of professionals, dedicated to solving a problem in New Zealand waters and to turn an invasive seaweed species into something that is positive for health of plants, people and animals. We would appreciate it if you would join us on our journey to improve our environment on land and in our oceans.

Alex Pressman


Alex graduated from University of Minnesota and started his career in Industrial and Pharmaceutical chemical sales at Mitsubishi Int’l Corp. After completion of an MBA at Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, CA, he managed computer software R&D, testing and product management teams at Borland and Oracle. He started his own high-tech company which he grew to 160 people before selling it and migrating to New Zealand. He founded Waikaitu in 2012 to turn NZ marine invasive species problems into economic opportunities.


Norman Phillips

R&D and board of advisers

Norman graduated with a BSc Hons in Chemistry and a PhD in Natural Product Synthesis from University of Wales. Norman worked as a Research Chemist for a major UK Chemical company and subsequently in sales and marketing roles within the industry before becoming a General Manager/ Managing Director/ CEO of a number of companies. Norman moved with his family to Nelson in 2004 initially to manage New Zealand Hops and Extracts and later Lallemand NZ. Norman works with Waikaitu on special projects that utilise his technical, commercial and strategic skills and experience.

Bret Wiegand


Bret’s career has spanned working with a number of organisations in various sectors from transport to chemicals throughout Europe, including leading the UK IT division of a global investment bank. Since moving to New Zealand he has consulted with a variety of agricultural businesses, from start-up irrigation companies to a leading agricultural machine service company in the South Island.




Maria Ivanova

Design and Marketing Manager

Maria graduated with Communication Design Diploma from Munich University Of Applied Sciences. She was Art Director, working for Indochine Media in Singapore.

Chris Prattley


Chris is a 40-year veteran in the NZ agricultural chemical industry. After graduating from Lincoln University, Chris worked for the United Nations in agricultural aid projects. He returned to New Zealand to work in international agribusiness sales and marketing. Chris has owned and expanded a South Island horticultural supply company and maintains close relationships with a wide range of colleagues in both the manufacturing and distribution sectors of the NZ plant protection industry.



Carl Pressman

Executive director

Carl Pressman is an expert in business development having established and operated several manufacturing and service businesses. Based in Minneapolis Minnesota, US, Carl focuses on marketing strategy, distribution and sales support for Waikiatu clients in the U.S. Canada, Mexico, and South America.

If you are interested in our products or company, please write to carl@waikaitu.com

Telephone: +1 (651) 399-9490

We are looking for distributors for our products worldwide.

Mission and Vision

Our values are clear.
No compromises when it comes to safety, purity, nutrition and quality of our products.

Our mission is to improve plant, human and animal nutrition and health through the use of one of the most complete vegetarian storehouses of nutrients, antioxidants and omega 3 oils – brown seaweed.

We are 100% organic in our harvesting and manufacturing processes. Everything is examined from storing, shipping preservation and processing to eliminate or greatly reduce presence of chemical contaminants in our plant care and nutritional ingredients.

We follow the principles of guardianship of the earth and its resources and focus on using resources sustainably.

We reuse packaging such as one ton bulk bags and Soil Nutrition Containers whenever possible.

We respect our environment, our employees and our customers.

We provide the highest quality products at a fair price.

We harvest only non-native invasive species from New Zealand waters to restore the balance in our marine ecosystem.

Our name exemplifies our values.
The Maori words that make up our name mean:
Wai – Water, Kai – Food and Tu – To Anchor ourselves, to take a stand.
We are committed to producing pure, clean and effective pharmaceutical and soil nutrition ingredients.

For more information please see Alex’s interview at AsktheQ

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Undaria Pinnatifida (Wakame) is an invasive specie in New Zealand.
It came to our country in the ballast water of cargo ships and has spread throughout the coastal waters.

We collect this seaweed only from mussel farms which are man made structures and not from natural surfaces. Undaria colonizes all hard surfaces, displacing native seaweed and altering the ecological balance in marine environment. For mussel farmers Undaria causes many issues by displacing and choking mussels, reducing harvesting productivity and increasing fuel usage and maintenance costs.

By supporting our company through your purchase of our products you are helping us to reduce the impact of this seaweed on our environment and way of life.

We fully comply with conditions of our Harvesting Permit under the Biosecurity act. To reduce the impact on the environment we never return any Undaria back to the ocean and handle it in such a way that it is rendered non-viable and kept out of our waterways.

Certification and Independent Testing

At Waikaitu, we believe in third party, independent testing, verification and licensing. Our customers need to know where their product comes from, its composition and quality as well as its organic status. The want to be sure that the products we sell are sustainable, and ecologically responsible. We believe that having rigorous third party testing is the best way to assure our customers of our commitment to quality and sustainability.

BioGro Input into Organic Farming Operations Certification

Waikaitu has achieved certified status for its Garden Booster and NZBioActive Seaweed Fertilizers Number 5467.

Download our Organic Certificate

Licensed Pest Seaweed Harvester by Ministry of Primary Industries

Undaria Pinnatifida is an invasive Species in New Zealand. Waikaitu has applied and received a license to responsibly harvest this seaweed from our waters.

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Product Safety Testing –
Heavy Metals

Waikaitu products are tested for heavy metals by Eurofins New Zealand. Eurofins New Zealand provide laboratory testing services to the Food, Pharmaceutical, Environmental and Agricultural/ Horticultural industries.

Product Safety Testing –
Amino Alcohols and QACs

Waikaitu tests their products for Amino Alcohols and Quaternary Ammonia Compounds at Assure Quality Global experts in Food Safety and Quality in over 40 countries worldwide, to assure the safety and quality of food being produced for millions of people.


If you are interested in our products or company,
please write to Alex@waikaitu.com 
We are looking for distributors for our products worldwide.


Waikaitu Limited office:img_20161012_144859

28 Oxford Street, Richmond, Nelson 7020
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Soil and Plant Nutrition Facility:

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Telephone: +64 (0)3 970-0302

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