Undaria Pinnatifida (Wakame) is an invasive specie in New Zealand. It came to our country in the ballast water of cargo ships and has spread throughout the coastal waters. We collect this seaweed only from mussel farms which are man made structures and not from natural surfaces. Undaria colonizes all hard surfaces, displacing native seaweed and altering the ecological balance in marine environment. For mussel farmers Undaria causes many headaches by displacing and choking mussels, reducing harvesting productivity and increasing fuel usage and maintenance costs. By supporting our company through your purchase of our products you are helping us to reduce the impact of this seaweed on our environment and way of life.

We fully comply with conditions of our Harvesting Permit under the Biosecurity act. To reduce the impact on the environment we never return any Undaria back to the ocean and handle it in such a way that it is rendered non-viable and kept out of our waterways.