Green Shell Mussel Powder from Enzaq Aquaculture

Waikaitu partners with Enzaq Aquaculture to bring to you the most bioactive mussel powder from New Zealand grown and processed green lipped mussels. When we are harvesting seaweed we harvest from mussel lines. So clean is the water that lunch many days consists of pulling live mussels of the line and eating them raw.  The taste is so incredibly good that it ruins your taste buds for the cooked mussels in restaurants. Once you taste the real thing it is hard to go back.

Unfortunately much benefit that comes from mussels is destroyed by heat processing them. It was therefore with great happiness that we found that Enzaq doesn’t heat their mussels when they dry them. All of the enzymes, vitamins and proteins are intact. It is the next best thing to eating a raw mussel from the line.  And their entire process takes only 30 minutes from shelling to dry powder. Some companies take as much as a week to fully process and dry their mussels in freeze dryers. Enzaq pioneered the New Zealand mussel powder industry in the seventies and eighties so they really know how to process mussels safely, quickly and without heating them.

Green Shell Mussel Powder Delivered anywhere in NZ 1 bottle
Cool temperature processed dry Mussel Powder. 90 veggie caps. 500mg, 1 bottle
Green Shell Mussel Powder delivered anywhere in the World 2 bottles
Cool temperature processed dry Mussel Powder. 500mg veggie caps. 90 count. 2 bottles minimum order.