NZBioActive Biostimulant family of products For Organic or Conventional growers who want a great value product to improve the health and productivity of their crops.

NZBioActive Biostimulant

Waikaitu uses 100% wild harvested and processed seaweed to create completely natural foliar biostimulant and soil conditioner.

NZBioActiveTM  is extracted exclusively from brown algae Undaria Pinnatifida which is classified as invasive seaweed. This makes it one of the most effective and ecologically responsible organic plant nutrient suspensions available.

It has a stimulative effect on plants, especially during early growth and periods of stress such as drought, heat, pest pressure or frost. It stimulates cell division, root formation and improves fruit size.

It is also indicated for use to lessen transplant stress. International research confirms usefulness of brown seaweed like Undaria in improving soil microbial activity which leads directly to better plant health.

Waikaitu NZBioActiveTM Biostimulant comes in liquid form and can be used both for root and foliar application. It can also be added to irrigation systems for ease of application.


Some of the key points of NZBioActiveTM:

BioGro Certified

Certified as input for organic operations number BG5467

Locally Made

Made in Tasman with only Marlborough Sounds harvested seaweed.


US based Natural News Laboratories tested our seaweed against 18 different seaweed products, and found that we have the lowest levels of heavy metals of all products tested!


Made from fresh seaweed, not dried, to retain higher levels of PGRs and nutrients. Fresh is Better!


Suitable for soil, foliar and fertigation applications. Will not clog sprayers.


70% minimum seaweed contents – some of the highest amounts of seaweed available.


Maximizes the health of your entire crop: roots, stems, leaves and fruit. Stimulates plant enzymatic and hormonal activity – improves pest and disease resistance


Provides 71 key fertilizing elements and binds them to the soil reducing leaching.


Free of Amino Alcohols and Quaternary Ammonium Compounds.

Environmentally sound

Made only with a pest species of seaweed – Undaria Pinnatifida – never with indigenous seaweed.


Element mg/kg
Nitrogen 900
Potassium 3600
Boron 6
Manganese 1
Magnesium 300
Zinc 3
Calcium 400
Iodine 233
Iron 1.2
Sulphur 500
Organic Material 40%

Vitamins: Vitamin A,C, E, Choline, B complex, Folic Acid

Other: Fucoxanthin, Fucoidan, Alginic Acid, Phlorotannins, Mannitol, Essential Amino Acids, Omega 3 EPA

Plant Growth Regulators: Auxins, Cytokinins, Gibberellins

Suggested Application Rates


Foliar Spray 2 – 5 liter per hectare at 20-30cm cane,
at 40-60cm cane, at pre-bloom and then every 2 weekly.

Apply 5 l/ha per season in the Fall.


Dairy 2-5 l/ha

Drystock, Hay 2-5 ltr/ha

Apply to wet grass.

Dilute 1:50  to 1:100.

Trees and Shrubs

Dilute 1:100 & apply every 10-14 days during the growing season.

Field crops

Booster 2-5 l/ha

Corn, Maize, Brassica, Cereals, Pumpkin, Squash, Kumara, Potatoes and Onions.

Dilute 1:200 or 1:150 & apply 3-4 times.

Pip & Stone Fruit, Citrus & Berryfruit, Glasshouse Crops, Flowers

Apply diluted 1:100 or 1:150 at 3-4 weeks intervals during early fruit growth & longer intervals from then onwards. Use with routine sprays for efficiency. Final rates will depend on amount of base fertilizer used. Apply to drip point.

NZBioAmino – Seaweed and Amino Acids

Waikaitu NZBioAmino Nitrogen 9%

If you need to fight crop stress, ensure maximum yields from your crops, increase flowering and fruit setting in challenging conditions.

Then NZBioAmino is your best ally against crop stress.


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