About Waikaitu

Our name exemplifies our values 

The Maori words that make up our name mean: Wai – Water, Kai – Food and Tu – To Anchor ourselves, to take a stand. 
We are committed to producing pure, clean and effective plant and soil nutritional products, supporting superior health and yields, naturally.

Turning an invasive marine pest into a valuable fertiliser nutrient

Waikaitu, takes Undaria pinnatifida (a fast growing seaweed introduced to New Zealand waters in the 1980s via ballast water from cargo ships) and turns it into nutrient-rich fertiliser for soil and foliar applications. Undaria pinnatifida was becoming increasingly problematic for the environment and mussel farms in the Marlborough Sounds, fouling ropes and choking out native seaweed species.

Undaria pinnatifida - known everywhere in the world as wakame, is probably one of the most used seaweeds for food in the world. Traditionally used in miso soups, Japan uses approximately 200,000 tonnes of wakame every year and most of it is imported from China and Korea.

To avoid spending millions trying to stop pesky Undaria setting up residence in the Marlborough Sounds, it was time to view this slippery invader as a valuable resource. Although this invasive species that came from Asia could be sold back to Asia, we believe that Undaria pinnatifida is of far greater value to the New Zealand agricultural and horticultural sectors.

Grow with us!

It is a very real concern for us that modern agriculture and food production has become very chemistry focused - overriding the natural capabilities of delicate and intricate soil and plant ecosytems. Crops and farmers alike have unfortunately become all too reliant at addressing problems on farm with chemicals and suffering the side effects of nutrient depletion and continual disease and pest pressures, thus requiring more and more chemical intervention keeping the hamster wheel in perpetual motion, creating a belief that this is the only way to farm.  

We care about how our food is produced and believe there is a better way. Seaweed-derived fertilisers and bio-stimulants are a major part of the solution to help the agricultural sector produce nutrient dense, naturally disease and pest resistant pastures, crops and animals - delivering these benefits all the way through the food chain down to us. Thankfully seaweed fertilisers are routinely used in organic and regenerative agricultural practices improving nutrient density of crops and enhancing animal health as well as helping reduce and stabilise soil nutrients. We are encouraged to see more and more conventional farming operations adopt and incorporate Waikaitu’s seaweed-based bio-stimulant range into their fertiliser and spray programmes to buffer the effect on soil and plant biology and to enhance the efficiency and efficacy of the targeted chemical used. Venturing down the path of regenerative agricultural where there is less and less reliance on chemical intervention is sometimes viewed with scepticism and fear, and a gradual adaption and incorporation is advised to encouraged the natural ecosystems beneficial biology to build up. The rewards are abundant and future is more resilient. 

Waikaitu was created as a result of taking the opportunity to help clean up an environmental problem that was becoming more and more of a concern for the Marlborough Sounds, as well as establish a sustainable business in every aspect of the word. A business that addresses the environmental problem for the Sounds and mussel operations and produces an environmental and nutritional solution for agricultural production.

We have clear values - No compromises when it comes to safety, purity, nutrition and quality of our products. 

And it is our mission to improve plant nutrition and health through the use of one of the most complete vegetarian storehouses of nutrients, antioxidants and omega 3 oils – undaria pinnatifida.

We are proud to be BioGro certified to show our commitment to an internationally recognised standard of authentic organic origins and production.