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organic seaweed fertiliser, biostimulant

Seaweed-based Nutrition

Key benefits
  •   Bio-active 
  •   Stimulative 
  •   Comprehensive
  •   Nutrient rich
composition mg/kg
N 400
P 20
K 4000
S 4000
Ca 100
Mg 9000
B 77
Zn 1
Cu 0.24
Fe 0.5
Mn 0.92
I trace
Se trace





Natural variations in nutrient composition can occur

Application rates


Safety Data Sheet

NZBioActive is made exclusively with 100% wild harvested fresh seaweed, Undaria pinnatifida, using a cool temperature extraction process to retain higher levels of nutrients. Fresh is Best!

The perfect accompaniment for both conventional and organic operations to increase crop quality and production, NZBioActive is a comprehensive broad spectrum fertiliser, providing over 70 key nutrients as well as a range of naturally occurring carbon compounds (amino acids, alginates, sugars, etc.) that work with soil and plant biology to facilitate nutrient uptake, enhance immune response and help reduce leaching losses.

NZBioActive maximises the health of your entire crop - roots, stems, leaves and fruit, and
stimulates plant enzymatic activity. 

The combined biochemical activities, nutrients and up-regulation of gene expression bring increased photosynthesis and nutrient uptake. NZBioActive boosts yields by stimulating soil microbial activity and plants’ natural defences and immunity, especially during early growth and periods of stress caused by drought, heat, or frost. 

Suitable for soil, foliar and fertigation applications and is best used in conjunction with spray programmes to reduce the impact of chemical induced stress. Will not clog sprayers and is compatible with standard crop protection treatments.


Hold onto more N, naturally

Key benefits
  •   Bio-active 
  •   Stimulative 
  •   Comprehensive
  •   Organic N


Dry Matter > 50%
pH 6 +/- 2



N 9%
Ca 0.50%




Amino Acid Profile % w/w
Aspartic acid 2.9
Glutamic acid 5.3
Alanine 4.6
Arginine 5.1
Phenylalanine 1.2
Glycine 13.8
Hydroxyprolin 6.7
Isoleucine 0.9
Histidine & Glutamine 0.5
Leucine 1.8
Lysine 1.9
Proline 7.5
Serine & Asparagine 2.2
Tyrosine 0.6
Threonine 0.7
Valine 1.4
Metionine 0.5
Cysteine 0.09
Tryptofane 0.09










Natural variations in nutrient composition can occur

Application rates


Safety Data Sheet

NZBioAmino combines the benefits of seaweed with a comprehensive range of amino acids – the building blocks for efficient protein synthesis, naturally providing 9% organic nitrogen. 

The bio-stimulative and complexing power of NZBioAmino significantly increases mineralisation, availability and absorption of micro-nutrients leading to improved health, vitality and immunity of plants and soil biota. Amino acids form the foundation of plant cells. They improve the strength of cell walls and enzyme activity. Soil biology and plants use precious energy to synthesize necessary combinations of amino acids to form specific functional proteins. Having a ready supply of quality amino acids at key stages of growth helps support immune and defence mechanisms and enables plants to maintain the ability to recover and thrive as well as resist pest and disease pressure.

Directly applied to the soil, NZBioAmino supports and strengthens soil microbial communities enabling better nutrient uptake as well as promoting extensive, healthy root systems.

Foliar applications of NZBioAmino supports the structural, metabolic and mineral transport functions, improving chlorophyll production leading to improved photosynthesis and increased energy for growth, fruit set, ripening, seed fill and protein production.

At 9% organic nitrogen, NZBioAmino supplies nitrogen in a recognisable, high quality form that plants can utilise immediately. Used in combination with high analysis N-fertilisers, NZBioAmino can significantly reduce N-fertiliser use, improving production as well as reducing environmental impacts.


High-value fruit protection

Key benefits
  •  Recovery 
  •  Immunity
  •  Cold tolerance
  •  Strength & elasticity 
Organic Matter  > 40%
pH 9 +/- 0.5



N 5%
Mg 0.01%
Zn  2ppm



Natural variations in nutrient
composition can occur

Application rates


Safety Data Sheet

FruitGuard naturally supports high value crops during key periods of stress. The combined bio-stimulant qualities of seaweed and targeted key amino acids provide plants with osmo-protectant capabilities.

The powerful chelating properties of glycine betaine (GB) enhances efficient nutrient transfer and results in the release of digestible nitrogen. GB is a naturally occurring amino acid, however different crops vary in their capacity to synthesise and accumulate it. Spinach and barley are examples of crop species that amass relatively high levels GB and therefore demonstrate natural cold tolerance characteristics.

Foliar applications of GB have been shown to increase the status of low-capacity GB crops so they can better withstand adverse weather events and salt exposure, particularly during critical stages of growth and development.

FruitGuard is not only an efficient cellular osmolyte. With the additional nutritional support from seaweed, it also stabilises and maintains the elasticity and integrity of cellular membranes - mitigating damaging effects of inclement weather, and increasing salt tolerance.

During critical growth and development phases and when periods of stress are anticipated, prepare your high value crops with the protection of FruitGuard and alleviate production pressure by enhancing the plants' natural defence strategies.

FruitGuard gives you reassurance for nil residue crops and has a zero withholding period.


Fish and seaweed biostimulant

Key benefits
  • Healthier crops
  • Immune system support and disease resistance
  • Ability to reduce or eliminate conventional fertilizers
  • Improved growth of pasture in lower soil temperatures
  • Drought and heat resistance
  • Improved soil microbial activity
  • Increased yield
  • Build soil fertility for better profitability
Composition PPM  
N 3%
P 3000
B 2
Mg 300
Ca 120
S 12,000






Natural variations in nutrient composition can occur

Application rates


Safety Data Sheet

Waikaitu® FishBoost is a unique blend of wild caught oceanic fish blended with nutrient dense brown kelp – both sustainably harvested from New Zealand waters. 

The combination of natural raw ingredients and high nitrogen content makes FishBoost a great choice of fertiliser and soil amendment for organic operations. FishBoost offers a source of burn-free nitrogen, along with many other primary and trace nutrients.

Healthy and productive soil contains billions of micro-organisms per kg.  These microbes break  down organic matter and soil components to liberate nitrogen and minerals in a plant-available form.  FishBoost is a mixture of biostimulative New Zealand brown kelp and proteins, enzymes and amino acids from oceanic deep water New Zealand fish. This blend produces a balanced and efficient fertiliser with all necessary nutrients to promote optimum soil health and plant growth.



Promotes nutrient uptake

Key benefits
  • Improves dispersion and mixing of all other partner chemistry
  • Facilitates wetting, penetration and sticking of other chemicals to plants
  • Promotes nutrient uptake
  • Increases water holding capacity of soil
  • Improves overall health of plants
  • Improves crop performance
  • Reduces nutrient leaching
  • Easy to handle and safe to apply
  • Stays in suspension
  • Does not harm soil, ground water or wildlife

LignoHumate composition table.jpg

Application rates


Safety Data Sheet

Humic acid is a major constituent of humus which is the most active ingredient of soil. It is used by growers to improve soil reactivity and plant productivity. Humus is colloidal in nature with high water holding and cation exchange capacities. The cation exchange capacity of humus ranges from 150 to 500 meq per 100g, which is 10 to 30 times higher than an average soil.

Waikaitu LignoHumate 18% Active Ingredients is a highly concentrated black liquid. It is a source of humate, derived from leonardite via a unique extraction method. Combined with naturally extracted plant lignin, our product is the most plant-efficient source of potassium humate, improving CEC, buffering, chelation and complexation. It has been developed for fertigation in open field crops and for soil drenching.

Waikaitu LignoHumate is recommended for poor soil conditions, or when phosphate application is restricted. The presence of active long chain leonardite in our formula has a positive effect on the uptake of phosphorous and micronutrients. It increases Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE) and reduces leaching. To aid humic acid and other nutrient penetration, we have added water extracted lignin which help to disperse, wet and penetrate through leaves and root systems, enhancing efficiency of all tank mix chemicals.

Natural lignin, humic and fulvic acids promote the conversion of essential plant nutrients into available forms by chelating with the nutrients, promoting their uptake by plants. Humic acid and its derivatives, in small amounts, increase the permeability of cell membranes, promoting uptake of nutrients. Increasing plant availability of nutrients allows the reduced use of harmful synthetic fertilisers and crop protection products. This reduces damage to the environment while maintaining and increasing crop production.

LignoHumate is rich in plant derived lignin which – due to its much smaller particle size serves not only as a nutrient and a chelator but also as an adjuvant which improves wetting, penetration and sticking of any tank mix partner chemical. In tank it also serves as a dispersant by promoting easier mixing and keeping all other chemistry in suspension

Improves root and shoot growth with high quality buds, increasing overall health and nutrient balance of plants.

Increases water holding capacity and particle aggregation of soil. The colloidal nature of humic acid allows it to absorb a large quantity of water molecules, increasing the water holding capacity of soil. Increasing soil particle aggregation can increase aeration, tilth and workability, as well as encourage better water movement through the soil.