organic fertilisers and foliar feeders

New Zealand made innovative solutions for the nutrition and health of plants

Waikaitu plant care products use the power and abundance of the ocean to provide you and your crops with the powerful edge in quality nutrition and yield.
Our product formulations use 100% wild harvested seaweed made exclusively from non-native invasive brown algae species - Undaria pinnatifida.
The naturally occurring bio-stimulants and the synergistic combination of over 70 key trace elements make the Waikaitu product range a superior soil and plant feeder.
Increase photosynthesis, nutrient uptake and immune response. Prevent chemical and environmental induced stress. Feed beneficial soil biology and improve the health of the entire plant from the roots up!




New Zealand made



Modes of action for enhanced nutrition and performance with Waikaitu
Bio-stimulant Pathway

More Growth 
Bio-stimulants are multifaceted compounds that stimulate plants and soils natural ability to efficiently absorb nutrients, increasing photosynthesis and energy transfer, enhancing soil and plants innate and inherent processes for nutrient cycling, growth, strength, immunity and stress tolerance. 

Elicitor Pathway

Desirable Genetic Phenotype
Elicitors are signal compounds that induce defence responses in plants. They trigger an immune response that over time can lead to enhance resistance. Elicitors up-regulate the genes responsible for immunity demonstrating similar protective responses caused as a results of pathogen infection. 

Stress Resistance Pathway

Biotic & Abiotic
The synergistic combinations of biologically derived trace elements and metabolites supports the proper health and function of soil and plant physiology, improving nutrient uptake and utilisation, building resilience and the ability to buffer chemical and environmentally induced stress.

Soil Biota Pathway

Inoculates & Supports
Most nutrient cycling and transformations are performed by soil microorganisms. They determine whether nutrients are made available to plants, are stored in the soil or are lost. Supporting and feeding beneficial soil biology helps ameliorate soil contamination, building immunity to suppress and prevent disease.

Enabling natures maximum potential

Maximise genetic potential

  • Improve photosynthesis
  • Complimentary broad spectrum mineral fertiliser
  • Improve the effectiveness of chemical fertilisers
  • Inoculate and support soil biology
  • Stimulate enzymatic activity for soil and plant protection

Overcome stress

  • Suppress and prevent disease
  • Reduce environmental and chemical stress
  • Strengthen immunity and build resilience
  • Improve crop and animal health
  • Improve foliar spray efficiencies

Optimise performance

  • Increase productivity
  • Improve flowering and fertility
  • Build soil life and quorum sensing
  • Improve soil aeration, nutrient uptake and cycling
  • Increase nutrition and taste
  • Reduce costs and chemical inputs